Best Wearables for Infants in 2016

Mom and Dad, we all need a little peace of mind in these times. Have a reassurance that things are going right with your newborn by utilizing the technology this current world can provide. Check out these awesome products and let us know which one you think would be most helpful in your situation.




Get rid of the anxiety that comes with child care. The Owlet sock uses Pulse Oximetry ( the same monitoring tech used in hospitals ) to keep an eye on your child’s vitals in real time…transmitting the data to your phone wirelessly.

The smart sock fits snugly on your bundle of joy’s foot and monitors the heart rate and oxygen levels while they sleep.Ai?? You’ll get a notification on your phone and the separate base station if the heart rate and oxygen levels get out of their safe levels.

Smart Diaper by Pixie Scientific


Catch health issues early and keep your baby on the peak of his game. The smart diaper uses the age old method of testing your child’s urine sample to find potential health problems before they erupt. Nail such problems as dehydration, kidney problems and urinary tract infections.

It’s simple. After your child has peed, you just take the diaper off, scan the tag with the Smart Diaper App, and the app does the rest. You’ll be able to track trends in your child’s health over time and spot any conditions that need quick attention.



The smart pacifier that’ll make taking your baby’s temperature a walk in the park. Because it looks just like an ordinary pacifier, your baby will put it in his mouth by himself, while you check his temperature on your phone…all without him even noticing it (even from a range of 30 feet) . You can keep a log of the medicine you’re giving him and track how it changes his temperature.

And, because it’s synced to your phone, you’ll get an alert if you leave it behind.

eSkin Thermometer from VivaLink


This discreet little patch is one of the most discreet thermometers of all time. The flexible design lets you stick it on your child’s skin directly and it’ll start tracking his temperature, sending the data to your phone. The FeverScout App will notify you if the temperature ranges fall out of the safe range, letting you take action before it’s too late. The app gives you a history of your child’s temperature in an easy to read graph, letting you see the trends in his temperature…and give them to the physician if needed.



The smart button that gives you a sense of peace. This baby monitoring button snaps effortlessly onto your child’s clothing… and keeps track of breathing, sleeping position and even falls. The sensor transmits data in real time ( five times per second, actually ) to the app on your phone and displays your baby’s patterns in an easy to understand display. And…to top it off…you can choose the alerts you want to receive, and turn off the ones you don’t need.


Sproutling Baby Monitor


The baby monitoring band that learns your baby’s habits. The band slips snugly on your baby’s ankle, and has a high precision sensor that measures heart rate, skin temperature, motion and position. You get three different band sizes, so that you can use the band as your baby grows…and as for charging, just place it on the charger and the rest is automatic. The charger itself is a sensor that tracks your baby’s environment, letting you adjust them to give your baby the best sleeping conditions.