Best Wearable Headsets for Meditation of 2016

In an increasingly busy world with myriad distractions from television, the internet, work, school, family, the gym and other activities that make up modern life, it can be difficult to find the time or motivation to take a minute for yourself. More often than not, you will be too exhausted to make time for meditation and as a result, end up losing out on important benefits such as increased focus, better stress management and even heightened energy levels. Fortunately, help is available in the form of technologically savvy wearables which can help you slow down and disengage from the hectic pace of modern life even if only for a few minutes a day. Below are the most popular and effective meditation wearable headsets available on the market today, that will help you get your meditation program back on track and begin to reap the benefits you have been forfeiting by neglecting to indulge in this healthy practice.

Neurosky Mindwave

The Neurosky Mindwave is a biosensor headset that monitors and digitizes brain waves from the forehead and allows you to view your brainai??i??s activity and perform other mental activities on a computer screen. When you put on the headset, the Mindwave education system will provide you with a series of challenging neuroscience meditation tasks, game applications and software development tools to exercise your brain and keep it in tip top condition. The headset connects to your computer via a wireless USB plug-in. The biosensor headsets digitize electromagnetic brainwaves and use them to run games, computers and medical applications. They can be used to induce a meditative state in users and ultimately help them to lower stress levels.


Neurosky Mindwave Mobile

The Neurosky Mindwave Mobile is clipped onto the cranium and allows a user to monitor their brainwaves on a computer screen, Android or IOS device. This headset measures the electromagnetic brain waves and transfers them to the computer and other devices via Bluetooth. It allows users to monitor their levels of relaxation and learn how the brain responds to different stimuli. It comes with a headset, ear clip and sensory arm as well as over 100 brain training games, brain development tools that can be bought online and educational apps to give your brain the workout it deserves. There are also free developer tools to help you write your own programs to enable you interact better with the Neurowave Mindwave Mobile. Feeding your breathing rate and relaxation levels into the partner app prompts it to provide solutions that will help improve your meditation process and ensure you are calmer and more relaxed.

Technology continues to provide consumers with great wearables to help them improve their fitness levels, breathing patterns and meditation processes which ultimately results in stress reduction, better mood control and improved mental health overall.


Thync Calm and Energy Wearable

The Thync calm and energy is a device that is worn around the forehead and back of the neck that helps to regulate a userai??i??s mood through electromagnetic impulses. It uses low current electric impulses to the skin and manipulates brain activity by stimulating cranial nerves on the face and the back of the head. Users can wear it for up to 20 minutes a day to feel either energized or calm depending on their preference.


Muse Brain Sensing Headband

The Muse headband measures the state of your brain to determine how calm your brain is during meditation and helps you make the necessary breathing changes in order to improve your concentration and sense of calm. The headband delivers statistics about your mental state during meditation. The app comes with inbuilt sounds such as a rainforest or beach to help you develop a calm demeanor and get the best out of your meditation.


Melon Headband

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The Melon Headband is another personal EEG monitor designed to electronic activity in the brain and ultimately determine how focused you are. The headband fits snugly around the cranium, measures electroencephalographic activity and sends the results to an app that determines your stress levels and provides solutions to bring these under control.

Versus Headset

The versus headset monitors your meditation and provides real-time feedback on the quality of the process as well as providing solutions to improve your next session. Using a process known as biofeedback, the device sends the statistics about your heart and breathing rates as well as other variables to various app on your mobile phone. The versus headset is currently the most advanced biofeedback wearable on the market, and comes with a two hour diagnostic test as well as 5 Iphone gaming apps that can be controlled by using your brain waves.