Best Wearables of 2016 for Meditation and Breathing

For those of you who are looking to monitor your breathing and meditation strategies, we’ve put together a group of products that will help you get a hold of your breathing patterns as well as help you practice focus in preparation for the tasks you might run into durring your busy day.

Breath Acoustics

The Breath Acoustics is an all-in-one headset that uses both optic and acoustic sensors to provide users a comprehensive picture of their overall health status. Users can then use this data to improve processes like sleep, work performance and meditation. Once the user puts on the headset, it records his breathing rate and sends it to an app on an android or IOS device. The app then generates a breathing score and uses this score to send recommendations to the user on how to improve his breathing and overall meditation process.


PIP is a hand held stress monitor that comes with two gold plated sensors that detect stress induced electromagnetic waves. It connects to an android or IOS device through Bluetooth and offers several apps that measures stress fluctuations over a period of time. The app provides breathing exercises in cases of elevated stress in order to bring both breathing and heart rates down.

Phyode W/Me SmartAi??Wellness Tracker

This wearable is a wristband device that monitors heart rate, breathing and a userai??i??s mental state and uses an app to provide a breathing coach to help users improve their breathing rate for better overall health. It uses a touch activated EKG to measure your heart rate and displays these results on your IOS app. This deviceai??i??s app comes with a health coach named Attu that takes you through breathing exercises to help with your meditation program as well as improve your stress levels.


Prana Tech Wearable

The Prana wearable is disc shaped and designed to fit around your waistband with a clip. It monitors your breathing while you are affecting different poses. Bluetooth transfers data on your breathing levels during different poses to an app that shows you how different postures affect your breathing so that you can improve on them.

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The Smartmat is a yoga mat that comes embedded with thousands of sensors in order to determine how well balanced you are and check on your bodyai??i??s pressure and alignment. The statistics that the mat collects on these conditions are sent to an app that is connected to your smart device via Bluetooth which then provides you with voice guided corrections. You also have the option to complete your workout and receive a post exercise review of how well or badly you performed.


Spire is a fitness tracker that monitors your breath and informs you when you need to breathe more deeply and also prompts you to calm down and focus your energy just like a human yoga instructor. Spire breath tracker is grey and stone shaped and comes with a metal clip for attaching to your bra or belt. It can be paired with your Smartphone or android device and sends data about your breathing and how vigorous your physical activity is to the Spire app in your device. The app interprets the data and sends back results informing you whether you need to move more or slow down, take deeper breaths or perform breathing exercise to ensure that you are taking in enough air.


Zensorium Being


Being is a mindfulness tracker that maps your emotions based on the way your heart rate rises and falls. As a result it is able to tell whether you are stressed, excited or calm. It can be connected to a Smartphone with a meditation app that suggests breathing exercises based on your stress levels. The Being tracker measures a userai??i??s heart rate, breathing, blood oxygen and heart rate variation in order to determine whether you are breathing optimally and ensure that your vital statistics are good.

WellBe Bracelet

The WellBe bracelet is a wearable device that comes with an app that helps to monitor heart rates and stress levels based on time of the day and even your location. Once this information is fed into the app via a Smartphone or other device, the app releases recommendations for lowering your stress levels by breathing more or stopping to meditate. The app comes with resources such as a positivity playlist with affirmations, guided meditations and a list of breathing exercises to help you manage stress levels. It is worn around the wrist like a bracelet or watch and is a lightweight, eco friendly option for people who want to bring stress levels under control.