Best Electronics for Pregnancies of 2016

Looking for a great gift for your pregnant or soon to be pregnant friend? Check out one of these awesome gifts that utilizes modern technology to give your soon to be mom an ease of mind.

Nuvo Ritmo


Bond with your child before birth, and have total peace of mind!Ai??The four speaker design spreads the sound evenly through the womb so that your baby can hear the sound clearly and safely. Refine his taste in music and play your favourite tracks to him and feel him rock to the beat, or a gentle lullaby to lull him gently to sleep…the RITMO connects seamlessly to your audio-player. Get dad in on the fun and play his voice to the baby and cement their bond. Read a bedtime story to him


Ultra Stan


See your unborn baby in the womb, and listen to him.Ai??Use the scanner and focus the image and see your baby playing in the womb. The high sensitivity microphone lets you hear your baby before he’s born. The scanner connects effortlessly to the Bleepbleeps app via Wi-fi, giving you a clear high definition picture of your little toddler.

Belly Buds


Use sound to cement your bond with your child.Ai?? Play soothing music your baby while she’s still in the womb, or record a loving voice message and let her hear your voice. Record yourself reading her a story and help her relax. You can even help dad bond with her by playing his voice to her. The speakers fit snugly into your pants or shirt, and even come with an adhesive to help them stick.




know what’s going on in your body , and take the guesswork out of labour.Ai??Unlock vital information only available in hospitals. The Bloom lifts the burden of timing contractions from your shoulders…letting you measure the frequency and duration of the contractions in real time on your phone. You can share the data with your birth team, so that they can make the best decisions when you’re delivering your baby.Ai??Just stick it to your belly, sync it with your phone and it starts tracking instantly.

Yono Fertility Friends


Take the hard part out of getting pregnant, and save yourself the trouble of waking up to take your BBT every morning.Ai??The YONO BBT wearable thermometer automatically captures your temperature every morning, and charts it each month. You can use this info to time your efforts with your most fertile periods, skyrocketing your chances of getting pregnant.Ai??And fertility tracking isn’t the only thing you can use it for…it’s good for natural family planning and hormonal health monitoring as well.

Bellabeat Shell


The baby monitor that monitors your baby’s heartbeat…before it’s even born…and after. Here’s how it works, just place it on your tummy and it’ll send signals of your baby’s heartbeat to the Bellabeat App showing you her heartbeat on your phone. And…after she’s born you can play soothing music to her (or even your own melody if you fancy yourself a singer). You can leave the sensor in the room with your baby and it’ll analyze temperature and humidity in the room to make sure your baby is a safe environment.