Best Virtual Reality Headsets of 2016

Virtual Reality isn’t just a distant wish any more. Everyday there are huge brands coming out with their latest take on this ever growing niche. Whether you just want to experience a world that is too difficult to physically travel thereAi??or want the latest option in high def gaming,Ai??this is a list of all the best headset choices of 2016

Samsung Gear VR


A blend of the best from both Samsung and oculus technologies, this device is easy to carry, easy to operate and can be brought along to where the action is. It offers gaming and cinema support by taking the wearer right into the middle of the action with the use of wireless connection. The value you get from this gadget far outweighs the retail prices pegged on it. The only requirement before acquiring one though is that youai??i??re current phone or that which you are planning to purchase, is compatible with this gadget.


Xinci 3D VR


Designed for people who enjoy the thrill from movies and games, this device makes whatever you are watching to be much clearer. The head straps are easily adjustable to fit any size of head without fear of getting worn out. Though the Xinci 3D VR Virtual Reality Headset feels light, it is made from strong plastic and extra thick padding to protect the face and block interference from external light.


DSCVR Headset


Inspired by Google, the DSCVR Headset is available in many different fun colors to choose from. The hexagon shape and heavy duty carrying case, makes this device easy to be carried in the car or bag for a chance to use it wherever the owner goes. Compatible with phones with iOS and android operating system, it is a device you will have in your hands many times. A silicone guard is in place however to protect the lens from repeated exposure to dust and dirt. Designed to suit the needs for extra visibility and wide area of view, this device is suitable for kids as presents and businessmen in constant need of showing demos.


Minidiva GYD VR 3D Glasses Colorcross II Google Cardboard


This device is suitable for use by people who are always on the move because viewing can be done while standing, sitting or even lying down. It works best for people whose degree of myopia is below 600. If you would like to watch a movie or play a game all by yourself, the gadget offer high levels or privacy as no one will know what you are watching even if in the same room. There are provisions for adjusting the lens to suit the viewing capabilities of the wearer.

SAMSUNG Gear VR OCULUSAi?? samsung gear oculus

A device compatible for the recent models of Samsung like the galaxy note and galaxy S6, SAMSUNG Gear VR OCULUS SM-R322 is designed to luxury in viewing videos and watching #D images. There is an easy to use button that helps the wearer to adjust the volume according to their needs. Easily worn over most eyeglasses types, catch the action of your most treasures downloaded apps from the comfort of where you are.


Sulon Cortex


This device is the future of entertainment as we know it today. While much of what is going on with its design is at the prototype stage, the experience of the wearer is phenomenal. It has the ability to turn the surrounding of the wearer into a virtual world possible through the hearing, viewing and head gear that is included in the main package. The Sulon Cortex turns the surrounding environment into a world of virtual adventure by adjusting spatial maps in actual time. The device is elegantly finished with a sleek look that makes it attractive to kids and adults alike. Comfort to the wearer is enhanced by the presence of extra padding to the areas that have prolonged contact with the facial features.

Avegant Glyph


The design of this device will get you noticed by all you come across. It may appear as though you are wearing a set of headphones, but a gentle slip over the eyes turns into a mini theater. Stay ahead of entertainment by watching the latest movies and games as they are uploaded on Netflix. You now have a device that can help you scroll through the content of your phone easily. You are able to view the content of what you want to see through you own eyes, and surprisingly not through a virtual screen. This strange looking device is truly a masterpiece of brilliance in science.



Regardless of type of phone, platform of view and area of viewing the Altergaze device is compatible with any smartphone. Using it is as simple as slipping in the phone into the device and then 3D printing imagery can begin. It offers precise viewing capabilities by making us of the high resolution of the phoneai??i??s camera. Images seen through the Altergaze have no visible edges making viewing pleasant and flawless. There are no cords, buttons or major adjustments to be done before or during viewing making this device easily transferable from one person to another without risk of damage.

Durovis Dive


This device is designed to turn a smartphone or tablet into a virtual entertainment tool. It is a hand free device that is compatible with Google cardboard technology making it versatile and broad in terms of the source of input. Sold with a software that upgrades applications and features of this device as they are released, new systemic updates keep old and current customers at per as far as functionality is concerned. It is important however to determine the compatibility with your device, before making a purchase.


Project Morpheus


Made for the large PlayStation audience, this device is not only comfortable for the wearer but also offers a high definition viewer display. Display is clear and sharply contrasted to offer the best gaming experience ever. PlayStation gaming can be addictive but very much so with the Project Morpheus that is immersive in its properties. Have a friend bring along their Project Morpheus device and share a gaming experience together. it is also possible with this device to transfer whatever image you are viewing onto a TV screen for all other people to share in your experience.Ai??A powerful OLED display makes this device a must have for PlayStation fans who appreciate a persistent clear image even in motion scenes. The device is able to accommodate more than one player in a game by projecting the same image on the virtual reality device and on a TV screen. Developing a feel of being relaxed and comfortable in players is key to a rewarding gaming experience. This has been enhanced in the Sony PlayStation VR by significant latency reduction.Ai??The Project Morpheus device is aimed at stimulating simple day today activities with an added twist of thrill. The choice of game determines the transformation into different modes of experiencing the game. From sound effects to actual vision, it was the basis on which the PlayStation VR head phone was built upon.


Freefly VR


The Freefly VR converts the movement of the head through a 360 degree range into virtual reality. This property coupled with a high degree of viewing, makes the use of the device enchanting. Choices of videos and action to use are controlled by a cordless joystick making this adapter easy to use and handle. Games, movies and images to view can either be obtained from the phone memory or downloaded from Google apps store or play store. The only highlight of this device is that its compatibility is with certain specific phones which should be confirmed at purchase.




The most practical and versatile virtual reality device in view of the fact that it is compatible with windows, android and iPhones, this device is certainly within the range of many people. The lenses have been customized to offer none or minimal image distortion. It is possible to view your photos, videos, games and even unique personal experiences using this device. Depending on the strength of personal vision, wearers of this device are able to adjust the lens properties to suit their abilities.




PC gamers can now enjoy the experience that virtual reality devices have to offer. Wired by a plug and play USB connection to the PC, every day games are turned into virtual adventures with this device. The consumer friendly prices are made possible by the dedicated smartphone screen use instead of a separate screen. This is the next big thing in information transfer as the connection from the PC to smartphone using this device has been proved to be seamless.

Fove VR


This is the first of its kind device that uses eye movement to create a virtual reality. The sensitivity of this device to movement allows it to respond to movements made with the yes and state of the mind. The emotion you have at play time will also be registered onto the memory of this device making the gaming experience to be immersive and captivating. Anything you think of when wearing the Fove VR headphone is translated into a precise action.



One of the most outstanding features of the StarVR is the large view angle it allows its wearers. With the most popular devices averaging at around 110 degrees, this device has a horizontal angle of 210 degree and a vertical angle of 130 degrees. The use of the walking dead series in features presentation gives a real picture of scenes that appear to come to life with play. This device is the future of Hollywood judging by this trend of creating a movie watching experience that is unforgettable.

HTC Vive


This is definitely a superior product than its earlier version since the wearer is now comfortable with its weight on their face. The small size of the cage is made even more stable with a strap that keeps it secure by tying it around the head. This is the first device of this kind in the market as it allows for physical interaction with surrounding at the same time enjoying virtual reality. Front facing cameras of the HTC Vive give the wearer a good view of what is happening around them, allowing for effective multitasking.

Microsoft HoloLens

microsoft holo lens

A product of Microsoft Corporation, the Microsoft HoloLens is a work of perfection and well thought quality. The design of this device includes a holographic lens that projects images in your area of view as opposed to close proximity like in other devices in the market. As the wearer sees what is projected from their input device, they can still keep posted on the activities taking place in their surroundings.

Zeiss VR One


This device has the ability to convert your smartphone into a processor and peed machine. Taking advantage of the phoneai??i??s capabilities while still serving an important function makes the Zeiss VR One very cost effective. Any smartphone model can be slipped into this device with excellent results. Once you slip on a pair of this optical device, you will be impressed beyond expectation.


Razer OSVR


Software developers will find the Razer OSVR to be very intriguing. Being an open source virtual reality gadget makes it a work under progress for anyone who sets eyes on it. It is built to function well but even better when consumers make advancements on the design. The challenge is to push the limits of this device to create a masterpiece that individual developers can claim to be their own.


Google Cardboard

google cardboard

Cheap and fun are the best words to explain the cost and experience of owning a Google cardboard. When you order for your device, you still need to assemble it before you can put it to good use. The device enables the wearer to experience different worlds and at the same time get immersed in the thrills of those worlds. Downloadable apps add to the experience of discovering new worlds and experiences.


Archos VR Headset


With compatibility to over 100 application created for virtual reality experiences, the Archos VR Headset immerses the wearer into the real action right in front of their eyes. The versatile design of this device enables it to not only play games but play back music and recorded images from a phoneai??i??s memory. This is quite a thrilling piece that takes you to the deep seas and outer space without need to leave your comfortable sofa.