Best Drone Racing Starter Kits of 2016

Looking to get into Drone racing and need help finding a good drone to start with? These options make it easy to get started without a ton of steps and assembly.

Immersion RCCAi??Vortex 250 PRO


Designed by ImmersionRC Vortex 250 Pro is a sturdy and built for speed flying drone. The high-speed Lumenier RX2204 motor gives it ample power to soar through the skies faster than any other quadcopter out there. This exclusive version has an amazing design and sturdy body that makes it ideal for hard use. The amazing speed and beautiful design combined with some amazing hardware capabilities make it a perfect choice for fun flying.


TBS Gemini


TBS Gemini is a multirotor mini Racer drone. The unique Tabular design and forward tilted motors make it one of the most aerodynamically sound racer in the market. Optimized to rule the skies TBS Gemini comes fully equipped electronic modular. It can be paired with a Mobius to turn it into an amazing flying camera. Its canopy design, powerful motor and sturdy body make it ideal for racing as well as hard use.


Lumenier QAV250-RTF-CF Mini FPV Quadcopter RTF, Carbon Fiber Edition


This short yet powerful QAV labeled FPV quadcopter is a great flying companion. QAV250 RTF mini comes equipped with all the perquisites to get you up in the air. The entire mechanism of this mini copter is mounted over a fiber unibody that lends it strength and style. This mini copter supports all kinds of 32 mms cameras as well as other cameras that come with mounting brackets including Mobius. A great device to own and have fun with.


Blade Nano FPV

nano blade

If you wish to have a fully Immersive RC flying experience then there is no better device than Blade Nano FPV. This mini beast comes equipped with a powerful motor and small yet beautiful design. Blade Nano FPV is extremely agile and is powered by the unique SAFE system that ensures a unique flying experience. If you are a beginner and looking for an immersive yet easy to handle quadcopter experience than Blade Nano FPV is your best option. Blade Nano FPV comes equipped with a Micro FPV camera, all you need then is to charge it and have a blast.


Hubsan H107D FPV


Ability to be controlled over 50 ai??i?? 60 meters distance, Hubsan H107D FPV is a great RC quadcopter. The modern 6 axis flight system makes it extremely maneuverable and easy to control. The amazing capabilities of this copter would take you by surprise. Hubsan H107D FPV has a Plastic based durable frame that can take a few hard hits without damaging anything. The most amazing feature of this FPV copter comes in the form of instant video preview over the distance of 50 ai??i?? 100 meters.


Proto-X FPV


Running low on budget and want to experience a quality RC quadcopter then Proto-X FPV is the right fit for you. Ability to shoot HD videos through its 1280 X 720 resolution camera would place you right in the pilotai??i??s seat where you can enjoy soaring through the skies without having a need to go to flying school. Proto-X FPV comes with an amazingly easy to use controller that makes flying fun. The compact size and sturdy body make it a perfect companion for you to take anywhere.


Kinghard X8 Explorers

kinghard x8

A simple yet effective in all manner Quadcopter, KingHard X8 Explorer can soar through the skies while resisting strong winds with its 6-Axis gyro stabilizer. The Explorer comes re-equipped with a 2MP HD camera that stores flying shot on its 4GB preinstalled TF card. The amazing anti-interference technology ensures that you face no disturbances while flying this amazing device. The high-performance battery gives you a long and enjoyable time with you copter. Kinghard X8 Explorer can be flown indoor as well as outdoors with its 4CH proportional system.


Kinghard FPV Drone

kinghard fvp

Extremely lightweight and amazing flight capabilities make it a great RC flying copter. Extremely durable body and lightweight make it an ideal device for daily flights. Controlled by an RC remote, you would be in the total control of the device without requiring any special flight skills. Kinghard FPV drone is extremely easy to fly and a great starting point for beginners looking to take up RC drone racing as their hobby.