Best Gimbal Camera Stabilizers of 2016

Sick of looking at shaky videos because you don’t have the technology or steady hand to pull it off? That’s where Gimballs come in. Check out the top camera stabilizers of 2016 and get ready to blow your mind on camera and selfie quality.

DJI Osmo


Using some of the most advanced technologies available at our disposal DJI Osmo can help you capture the best moments of your life in a blur and shake free manner. Designed to provide you with 100% stability no matter the way you move or shake the camera. DJI Osmo provides the creators with amazing freedom enabling them to record and share like never before. DJI Osmo comes equipped with automatic panorama mode, just hold the camera above your head and DJI Osmo would do the rest.


Yuneec SteadyGrip

steady grip

SteadyGrip from Yuneec is a camera stabilizer designed to help you capture amazing photos without blur. The 3 axis gyro stabilizers ensure perfect stability no matter the way you move. The self-stabilizing mechanism ensures that your camera remains steady no matter what you are doing or how you are moving. The device also comes equipped with the ability to stream videos over WIFI. The Android and IOS compatibility compared with amazing performance make it a perfect device for all your photographic and video recording needs.




Roxor is a handheld gimbal camera stabilizer with the ability to integrate 3-axis stabilization. The camera system comes with a quality LCD viewfinder that ensures that you remain in control of what you capture with your camera. Roxor comes equipped with an amazing camera ability to dish out 4K videos with its 20MP photo resolutions. Additional features include still photography, Time lapse photography and fully stabilized video recording. The Roxor comes equipped with smart battery ability to provide 2-hour long video recording capabilities.

Cross Easy Gimball

easy gimbal

Cross Easy Gimball has axis control that can work with different types of cameras and GoPro. Easy Gimball comes equipped with a 32 bit 3 axis controller that ensure extra precision and stability. With one of the most accurate stabilizing technology, the device features amazing performance and different recording modes to provide more control to the user. The device is calibrated to ensure that you donai??i??t require any sort of tinkering to get it in the desired operation mode. Beautiful design, amazing performance and improved battery performance all combine to make Easy Gimball a great camera stabilizing choice.

Feiyu G3 Ultra


Feiyu G3 is a 3 axis handheld camera stabilizing gimbal for GoPro3 and later versions. The device features extremely lightweight body design that can be used to carry anywhere and anytime. Feiyu G3 Ultra is equipped with a 2560mAh battery that can render long-term performance. With single button operation mode, you would have the best camera stabilizing experience available in the market. The 3 axis powered gimbal stabilizing ensures that you get a steady and blur-free video recording and photographic experience.


Feiyu G4S


Feiyu G4S is designed to operate with all mainstream smartphones including iPhone 5 and all later versions. The device provides you with the capability to tilt, roll as well as Pan cameras on all axis. Simple design combined with one button control ensures perfect stability and hassle-free operation. The entire body of the design is made out of high-quality aluminum that improves the overall life of the device. A perfect companion for perfect looking photographs and videos.


Feiyu G4 QD


Designed to be a universal camera stabilizer, Feiyu G4 QD uses a high quality 3 axis balancing technology to provide you with a perfectly stable camera. The device can work with all kinds of GoPros and similar cameras. Hassle free operation without any wires, screws or complicated mechanisms Feiyu G4 QD is a perfect companion for taking stunning photographs. The entire operation is controlled by a single button ensuring that you get a hassle free and comfortable recording experience.


Feiyu WGS


Feiyu WGS is a self-stabilizing gimbal designed to be compatible with GoPro Hero 4. Feiyu WGS is a wearable Gimbal that employs 3-axis control. The light weight and wearable feature make it a perfect companion for taking perfect photographs and videos. The device comes pre-equipped with a A? tripod to increase the safety and comfortableness of the device. The wearable Gimbal can also be used with an extension rod to turn it into a handheld Gimbal. High-quality design, lightweight and value for money price makes it a perfect choice for your daily needs.


Lanparte HHG-01


This 3-axis self-stabilizing Gimbal is designed to operate with all kinds of mainstream smartphones and GoPro cameras. The device comes equipped with dual phone clamps along with the GoPro clamps that ensure that your device remains secured and captures perfect videos and photographs. The amazing designed employs features such as silica Gel Handle for a comfortable grip and use. High-quality Lithium batteries provide a long-term use over a single charge, the batteries are also removable that ensure that you always remain on the go without needing to stop.


Zhiyun-Tech Z1-RIDER

zhiyun z1 rider

Zhiyun Tech is a multi-function camera stabilizing gimble that can operate with all GoPro cameras. The device can easily be mounted on different kinds of helmets, bikes. It is a perfect companion for bike riders who wish to have amazing footage of their journeys. Tilt, rotate and pan abilities make it a perfect choice for all kinds of video recording and photography. In addition, to the GoPro cameras, the device also supports back LCD. Zhiyun Tech Z1 operates using lithium batteries.


Ikan FLY-X3


This amazing 3 axis self-stabilizing Gimbal from iKan can turn your smartphone or GoPro into a perfect video recording tools. Ikan FLY X3 proves to be a perfect companion for capturing professional videos without any kind of jerks or shakes. FLY-X3 uses unique stabilizing software. The Gimbal is shipped with a GoPro mount and single button controlled operation. Nimble design and great performance combine together to make it a perfect option for all video and photographic enthusiasts.


GVB 3-Axis


Compatible with GoPro Hero3 and 3+. The device uses a single button as well as 3 button operation in order to add more possibilities. The camera also comes with the option to lock or create free floating videos. Single button mode transfer makes recording with this device a breeze. The device comes with automatic pairing and stabilization features that make it a perfect recording device right out of the box.


CAME-TV CAME-Action 3-Axis


Came Action is one of its kind 3 Axis camera Gimbal that comes with its own set of encoders and recording options. Came Action is renowned for its precision stabilizing techniques which make it a perfect choice to record videos and capture photographs. Came-TV has a perfect design that ensures a comfortable grip and easy operation. Made out of lightweight yet sturdy material that makes it a great tool to carry anywhere.


shape isee

Compatible with all mainstream smartphones and GoPro cameras. 2- Axis Gimbal stabilizing control. The device contains state of the art push button control technology and soft grip ensures ease of operation and best output. Pre-calibrated handheld controller ensures the perfect operation right out of the box. Perfect stabilizing technology ensures that you capture blur-free photos and videos. Lightweight and single key operation make it a perfect choice for the beginners looking to capture quality videos.