Best Kids Wearable GPS Tracking Devices of 2016

Kids keep losing important devices that provide constant contact and advice plus monitoring such as smartphones. Either that or they get easily damaged while playing. That is why there is an influx of a variety of wearable in the children’s market. Kids wearables are not limited to contact and monitoring and some also feature game play and educative functionalities. The choice on the perfect wearable for your child depends on a range of factors including;

The range of functionality.

This is not only the distance to which you expect your child’s wearable device to function but also the parameters you expect from it. For instance, does it provide you with GSM connectivity? Does it have GPS location? These are some of the factors you need to consider when you are deciding on the choice of your child’s wearable device

Age limits and constraints

Though the technological advance in kid’s wearable is primarily meant to feature and ease of use, you have to consider the limits to which your child’s age may influence your selection. For instance, a 2 year old child cannot effectively utilise a wearable with voice based features due to his/ her inability to communicate fluently.


What you expect the wearable to do is also a very huge determinant in the choice of wearable device that you select for your child. Are you just getting one to monitor your child’s location? Do you need a watch feature for your child? Is it primarily for gaming?


A lot of wearables are designed by start up tech companies that want to make the child’s world a better, safer and more integrated place. However, some are designed by already established brands. While the price is not necessarily dependent on the company that designed the wearable, you might find that established brands have a higher pricing. Similarly, pricing may be based on functionality. You should always consider your budget limits when deciding on the wearable.


A lot of wearables, most especially those configured with GSM features, have a designated region of use and you should confirm before purchasing the device to avoid inconveniences.

Some of the best kid’s wearables in the market include;



The FiLIP 2 is primarily a smart phone designed to be strapped on the arm like a watch. It has a screen for display and is designed for safety monitoring of the child. It has GPS, GSM and WiFi tracking parameters that allow the parent to pinpoint the location of the child in real time. Connected to a smartphone app, the device relays location information to the parent in real time. The parent can also send a one-way SMS to the child through the phone app. It also has a geo fencing feature which alerts the parent when the child enters or leaves a Safe Zone and allows a parent to set up to 5 Safe Zones. The device can be pre-programmed with 5 contacts that the child can call. The best feature of the FiLIP 2 is the emergency tracking feature. When the child is in an emergency situation, he/she presses and holds the button and prompts an alert to the parents smartphone with the location of the device. At the same time, the device records all background sounds and initiates a call procedure that contacts the primary contact, and every contact after that, if the primary contact fails to answer.




Lineable is a tracking locator beacon that is fitted on a band, to be worn on the child’s arm. It does not provide much functionality but is compatible with both iOS and Android platforms. It is connected to the app through bluetooth 4.0 and is probably the cheapest option for aAi?? locator wearable in the market, selling for only $5.

Gizmo Pal


The Gizmo Pal is the brand name for an LG based wearable selling in the US. It provides smart features such as call functionality with a pre-programmable list of 3 contacts. The device is fitted with a locator that can be monitored through a smart phone app. The locator can be pre-scheduled to send out real time alerts of the child’s location according to the location that is set. Similarly, it provides real time location monitoring through a “Location Check” feature which shows the location of the device on a map. The device doubles as a watch with a voice read out option as well as a number of fun sounds for passing time.

VTech Kidizoom

vtech kidi

The VTech Kidizoom is designed to take child photography to the next generation level. The device is fitted with a camera that also has a video recording feature. There is ample memory to hold all the images and videos that the child takes. The device is designed as a watch and has a number of customizable watch faces that feature analog and digital watch display modes. Configured with gyro sensors, the device also allows for 3D screen display. It also comes with a calender and basic calculator that has basic addition, subtraction, multiplication and division functions. The device has a touch screen display.


Weenect Kids


The Weenect Kids wearable is not worn on the body but is rather attached to various areas on the clothing of the child or placed in the child’s pockets. The Weenect Kids wearable device is water and shock resistant for ease of use in various risk scenarios that the child may come across while playing. It is designed to provide real time location with a geo fence feature that also sends out an alert to a connected monitoring device such as a smartphone- it is accessible through the internet or through the smartphone app. The location tracking can be obtained through a map display that shows the location of the device, a compass that shows the direction of device as well as an augmented reality feature that functions through the camera of the monitoring device. It also has a call and SMS feature.

SAFE Kids Paxie Band

safe family

The SAFE Kids Paxie band is a bracelet worn around the child’s arm. It has a number of functions that are centred around the health safety of the child. The device has a GPS locator for real time location, a geo fence, a daily activity monitor, a heart rate monitor, aAi?? body temperature monitor and a number of other features. The information is all relayed to a monitoring smartphone that has the installed smartphone app. The best feature and what sets is apart from a lot of other wearables is a feature that sends out an alert to the monitoring device once the bracelet is taken off.


loci loci

Lociloci is a wearable that functions with another device, primarily a phone. The child therefore has to have both devices for the locator to work. The device provides location information on the whereabouts of the child by pinging it through cell towers. It does not use bluetooth or GPS tracking to monitor the location and therefore has longer battery life. It is meant for the older kids, especially teenagers.



Trax is also meant for older kids though it can be used to monitor the younger ones. Its primary function is to monitor and provide real time location information on the child that is relayed on a map to the smartphone app. The device however doubles as a speed monitor to calculate how fast the child is moving. It is ideal for unruly teenagers with high adrenaline and a need for speed.


HereO GPS Watch


The HereO GPS Watch is a smartwatch. It can display time but also has additional smart features such as a locator and a panic button for emergencies. The best feature is the provision of a services feature that shows a number of emergency places such as hospitals accessible to the child. It is also fitted with a share feature that allows for the sharing of location information to more than one person. It has GSM, GPS and WiFi tracking and provides up to 60 hours.

Beluvv Guardian


The Beluvv Guardian is a locator device that provides bluetooth 4.0 and GPS tracking. The bluetooth tracking is far more superior than most other wearable devices and is active up to 230 feet. The device also has an app connect feature that allows the parent to monitor the child through their smartphone.


My Buddy Tag

my buddy tag

My Buddy Tag is also a health based wearable and is heavily designed with safety in mind. It has an alert for water submersion when the device remains under water for more than 10 seconds and is ideal to prevent drowning. It also has a panic button and a geo fence proximity alert for when the child leaves the designated alert. It is a wrist band and can be tracked via bluetooth up to 37 m and 12 m in open and closed spaces respectively.


Pocket Finder

for Business - 12techlabplus - The PocketFinder Personal GPS Locator lets you easily keep tabs on loved ones. (PocketFinder)

The Pocket Finder is a safety wearable device that provides GPS location tracking that is updated every two minutes, geo fencing features and a speed monitor that alerts the parent of the speed of the child. The device does not have a panic button but initiates an SOS call to a pre-programmed number by tapping it thrice against a hard surface.