Coolest Audio Devices of 2016

Here are some of the coolest audio options on the market these days.



The Muzik set of headphones is a set of wireless smart headphones guaranteed to provide high-quality sound to the user. Apart from its modern styling, it also allows for Bluetooth connectivity. As a user, you have the ability to change the tracks and the sound output by swiping your finger.
It also enables you to share your music with your social networking contacts at the touch of a button. You can enjoy listening to music from your online accounts by using the streaming apps that are present. Muzik headphones are not only programmable, but they are also tunable and provide for continued usage of up to fifteen hours when using the battery.


The Dash


The dash headphones provided by Bragi are one of a kind. They have been termed to be the first of their kind by industry experts because they are wearables and headphones at the same time. You will also find that they are wireless; Bluetooth-enabled ear buds that have the capacity to track and monitor your vitals and fitness levels.
Apart from being sleek, they are also capable of receiving all incoming calls. When you place them in their case, they automatically start to charge. The fact that they are also waterproof means that you do not have to worry about them coming into contact with water, which traditionally damages the earphones.


subpac m2

The Subpac is an audio product for that music fan who has gotten tired of using headphones. With the Subpac, you no longer get just to listen to the music; you also get to feel it. The Subpac is a subwoofer which you get to wear on your back like a backpack. It was designed with the sound junkies in mind.
Music producers and DJs will for instance like it as it allows them to enjoy a broad range of music that they could be working with at the moment. Movie watchers and gaming enthusiasts looking to take things to the next level will also enjoy the deep bass that it has to offer.

Bose QC 20i


With the Bose QC 20i, you are in an excellent position to shut out the rest of the world and just immerse yourself in your playlist. It should be the first choice for any music enthusiast who likes to shut out all the other sounds in their environment. The Bose QC 20i with acoustic noise cancellation is designed to make it possible for you to enjoy your music, regardless of your current location.
In addition to noise cancellation, it also comes with proprietary stay ear buds meaning that you do not need to force the buds into your ear. There is a mic which lets you control your audio source (iPod, iPhone or iPad). It comes with a lithium battery capable of powering the headphones for sixteen hours without a recharge.



woojer all colors

Woojer is a wearable tactile device that helps reproduce the rich and emotional sensation that is lost when listening to music through your headphones. When using Woojer, you are literally in a position to feel the sound and music from your games.
Woojer has been designed to translate various sounds into feelings and thus helping immerse you in your music at a deeper level. It is meant to convert the bass rumbling through your body from the device and then fooling the brain that the effect felt was totally encompassing. Despite the fact that it comes with two jacks, it is very simple to use and recharge when it runs out of power.

The Glyph


The Glyph has been described as a virtual reality headset by many industry insiders. It is a large pair of headphones that you can slip over your eyes so as to enjoy better entertainment. Unlike other virtual headsets, the glyph makes it possible for you to look above and below your visor. You are therefore in a position to tell what is going on around you at all times.
Even though they are much bulkier than the standard headphones, they are the best for any person who would like to enjoy some music without being distracted. You can use them with any device including personal computers, therefore, making them very versatile. The Glyph is a fascinating piece of technology, but ideal for music lovers who enjoy their privacy.

Jabra Sport Coach


The Jabra sports coach offers clear highs and a rich bass performance from its headset. It’s built-in motion sensors are capable of measuring the distance covered, the number of that steps were taken, and the number of calories that you have burnt in your workout session. The Jabra sports coach works perfectly with the Jabra port life app.
From the app, you get to choose the kind of activities you would like to take part in such as running, walking, cycling, or even hiking. From each category, you will find a list of subcategories. For each subcategory chosen, you will find a guide to take you through the workout in that category. The headphones can also be used to track your movements.


AfterShokz Trekz Titanium


When looking for a portable audio device, many people are content with just plugging buds into their ears and then cushioning them with cups. It is a design that helps the user get isolated from the natural environment allowing him or her to focus on the listening experience. When you want a more specific experience, such as when you wish to go hiking, you will need to have the AfterShokz Trekz Titanium with you.
It is the latest gadget when it comes to bone conduction and will provide you with superior and clear sounds from both worlds. It transmits audio by sending vibrations to your inner ear through the cheek bones. People with active lifestyles will find that this gadget packs a modern hardware comprising of dust-resistant covers which also supports blue tooth connectivity.




Jarvis is a Bluetooth headset manufactured by Intel. Though a bit oddly shaped, it is designed to wrap the wearer’s ears from the back and then pairing it with any smartphone running on the Android platform. Jarvis can interact with your phone remotely making it possible to look up hotels and also get you any directions you may need.
It is an idea audio product for a person who finds it hard to use the normal audio headphones. It does not matter whether you have big or small ears; this Bluetooth-powered headphone will be an ideal fit for your ears. You, therefore, do not have to miss out on listening to your music when on the road.



OpenEars headphones are designed to bring the binaural type of sound recording to mainstream music. Binaural recordings are known to use two microphones for capturing sound. They capture sound in the same manner as the human ears. The depth of the resulting 3D sound is very impressive but is best appreciated when wearing these headphones.
Binaural recordings are different from the standard stereo recordings in the manner in which the ear perceives them. They tend to be much louder than usual audio devices. The fact that they are in a position to provide an acoustic impression of the music also makes them a favorite for any music enthusiast.

Jabra Rox Wireless


Jabra Rox Wireless is a Bluetooth headset designed to provide comfort all through the day, without missing out on your music. With the headsets, you are assured of noise reduction when making your calls, and clear quality sounds for music listening. They provide a robust performance by eliminating all elements that are likely to distort the quality of your music.
The headset comes with an excellent magnetic earpiece which guarantees that you do not have to tangle with the wires when listening to your music. An inbuilt microphone is also present which can be used with any mobile device for making calls. You can choose your headset from a number of available ear tip options depending on your preferences, and the size of your ears.


Jabra Stealth


Jabra Stealth headset takes Bluetooth audio devices to the next by incorporating the microPower battery technology into its design. The microPower battery technology allows for a smaller and sleeker headset design which provides for longer talk time and enhanced comfort.
Compared to other Headsets, Jabra Stealth is much smaller than the others and also weighs less. Its weight will balance well in your ears allowing for discreet listening to your favorite music. It is also possible for you to locate the headset via GPS, in case you misplace it.




Parrot headphones are not your ordinary Bluetooth powered headphones. Apart from the fact that they are wireless, you will find that they have noise cancellation capabilities and intuitive input touchpad tucked in a very sleek design.
The parrot set of headphones is perfect for a person on the move. It is lightweight, has a very refined design and also comes with various preinstalled app features. The parrot is designed for use with Android smartphones or personal computers and is very easy to set up and use.

Monster DNA Pro 2.0Ai??Headphones


The Monster headphones produce a very clear base sound. Some of its features include Bluetooth adaptability, wireless headphones and a battery that can support up to five hours of continued played. The exterior is designed in such a way that the headphones are not only sweat proof but can also be washed to eliminate any dust that could be present. Also, controls for volume and media playback are provided making it easy for you to control the music volume as well as monitor the quality of your calls.
Even though they do not have a cable, you will find that there is a tangle free cord which connects the two earbud together. The tangle free cord sits behind your ears once the ear buds have been placed in your ears. The monster set of headphones is ideal for people who like to engage in outdoor activities as it makes it possible for them to exercise without having to worry about the cable cords.


Logitech UE


It delivers good audio performance and is also able to cancel outside interference when making a call. Unlike other models in the same category such as the Bose, the Logitech UE does not come with an off switch for noise cancellation. It, therefore, means that you can use them as regular headphones.
The Logitech UE also doubles as a speakerphone. With its inbuilt microphone, you can be able to make handsfree calls from your car, office or any other location when on the move. It has a compact design allowing you to roam freely with your music. The battery has a lifespan of ten hours and can be recharged from the car or the home.