Best Wearable Tech for Athletes in 2016

We are all athletes in one way or another. Professional athletes have a team of people around them always tracking their progress. But guys, this is 2016 and no one needs a team of people to track what can be done with a simple electronic device. Here is a list of products that work well for tracking your athletic performance whether you are running, swimming, boxing or anything in between.

Bellabeat Bellabeat

Plenty of activity trackers in the market are designed for men. However, Bellabeat aims to fix this problem with its new activity tracker-Leaf. Leaf is a stylish activity tracker that keeps track of your steps and provides guided breathing exercises when worn around the neck. It is small, leaf-shaped with a stainless-steel backing and a wood base housing the battery and activity tracker.
ai??? It comes with a clip and other attachments (chain) to allow users to wear it on the hem, shirt collar, around the neck, wrist or attached to a leather loop.
ai??? The battery lasts up to six months before it requires changing.
ai??? The Leaf is versatile; can be worn as a bracelet, chain or as a clip that matches your clothing.




If looking for an app that not only helps you exercise properly but also keeps track of your muscle effort and heart rate in real time, then Athos is just the right gadget for you. It is the world’s first fitness apparel to keep track of muscle activity, respiration and heart rate live stream. The device comes with built-in sensors that send real-time data about your activity to the smartphone app.
ai??? Instant, real time feedback on your smartphone.
ai??? It has incorporated with the electromyography biosensor.
ai??? It is designed with athletes in mind as it has a compression fit.
ai??? It is durable.
ai??? Analyzes your activity in real time.

Fitbit Charge HR

fibit charge

It is the best fitness band that combines sleep tracking and heart rate tracking in one for improved daily activity. Athletes can keep track of their heart activity and its improvement as they get fitter.
ai??? Tracks the heart rate continuously.
ai??? Works with iPhone, Android, and Windows devices.
ai??? Easily connects to other third-party fitness apps.
ai??? Automatically tracks activity and sleep.
ai??? The battery lasts up to five days.


Jawbone Up2

jawbone up2

It is a step tracker that guides your activity levels by keeping tabs on the distance traveled during the day, the amount of time spent active and idle. Jawbone Up2 also monitors the number of calories burnt.
ai??? Has a daily activity mode that tracks calories burned, steps and burst of activity.
ai??? Comes with a stopwatch that is set manually when heading out for exercise
ai??? It is slim and stylish and fits snuggly.
ai??? Easily pairs with third- party apps.
ai??? The mobile app-Jawbone- incorporates smart coaching.
ai??? Long battery life and it is splash proof (can wash dishes while wearing it).


MisFit Flash


This sporty fitness tracker analyzes not only your activity and sleep but also pairs with your smartphone for updates. A unique feature of MisFit Flash is that encourages you to reach your daily goals by presenting stats about distance, activity, steps and calories burnt.
ai??? Keeps track of running, cycling, walking, tennis and other activities.
ai??? The MisFit app presents your fitness data in the form of easy to read charts.
ai??? Battery lasts up to six months.
ai??? Automatically syncs wirelessly.
ai??? It is long-lasting and water resistant (up to 30 meters).
ai??? It comes with a clasp and sports band allowing the user to wear it anywhere- wrist, waist, shoes, shirt, Lapel.




So far, it is the most tech-savvy wearable fitness tracker that provides real-time info for soft objects. The sensors are fitted on clothing or the body such that each time the user moves, the sensor stretches and sends motion info to the app. Thus, it evaluates large and small muscles strains and sends accurate data to Bluetooth enhanced devices. Coaches will now find it easy to track athlete’s posture during exercises and provide relevant feedback.
ai??? The fabric sensors are tough for sports training.
ai??? Provides accurate and up-to-date data about motion.
ai??? They are wireless, lightweight, soft and flexible to allow the user to move naturally.
ai??? Can be tailored to integrate into the user’s products.
ai??? The sensors also allow athletes to analyze bend about an axis without causing pressure.



It is the world’s first compression apparel that keeps tabs on the motion in 3D, evaluates it and provides instant coaching feedback.
ai??? Entrenched sensors in smart pants and shirts capture motion data, convert it and sends it to your phone, tablet or desktop in real time.
ai??? Heddoko app presents visual feedback protecting the user from possible injuries and strains.
ai??? The back-end system provides metrics about speed and accuracy.
ai??? Provides good recovery strategy by keeping track of all your moves during rehab to avoid worse injuries.
ai??? Allows users to compare their performance to their fellow athletes while learning from higher level coaches.



This sporty fitness tracker comes with an optical heart rate monitor for training and workouts. Apart from showing the usual metrics, the app allows athletes to keep track of their heart rates when working out.
ai??? Fitted with light and vibration sensors for heart rate zones.
ai??? Indicates steps, time, distance and calories burnt.
ai??? Enhanced with HRM for compatibility with other devices.
ai??? Allows athletes to monitor their pace and progress.
ai??? It is waterproof.
ai??? Athletes can customize the display.
ai??? Stores an average of thirty hours of workout data i.e. approximately two weeks of daily workouts.


Notch Wearable Motion Capture


It is designed to capture motion data and present haptic feedback via small vibration motors hence the ideal tracker for athletes who prefer motion-triggered notifications. The tracker has sensors that can be attached to the user’s clothes at certain points to capture motion data in 3D.
ai??? The sensors capture body movement data via inertial measurements.
ai??? Users can record, collect and replay motion data in 3D.
ai??? Enhanced with BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) to transmit recorded data to the Notch app.
ai??? Enhanced with sensors that enable the user to compare the form of his punch with that of a professional.
ai??? Haptic feedback vibrates when you are in the wrong.



It is a new wearable electronic tracker used in sports therapy and sports performance. Myovolt is a creative way of incorporating vibration energy directly to the muscles, joints and soft tissue thus providing several physiological benefits to athletes.
ai??? Uses a frequency range that increases muscle power and circulation.
ai??? The alignment straps are lightweight and allow an athlete to move easily while treatment is in progress.

Moov Now


Ideal for beginners, this tiny workout tracker, acts as your personal coach. However, Moov Now requires a smartphone for coaching feedback.
ai??? Monitors tendencies and advises the user on the best way to get the most out of a workout.
ai??? Keeps track of your progress while motivating you to achieve any fitness goals you may have.
ai??? Has a long lasting battery (lasts up to 6 months).
ai??? The lightweight band that can be worn on the wrist or ankle.
ai??? The sensors are three times more powerful than the typical fitness trackers.
ai??? It is waterproof as one can wear it to the shower and swimming pool.
ai??? When paired with iPhone and Android app, it provides real-time audio sports training as well as feedback on various activities.
ai??? Like other fitness trackers it keeps tabs on sleep, activity and calories burnt.




Every swimmer’s dream is to use a useful device that helps them evaluate their performance regarding frequency monitoring, laps, the number of strokes, and the quality of your flip turn as well as the time count. Xmetrics is just the ideal fitness tracker that brings this dream into reality. This revolutionary fitness tracker provides a swimmer with real-time audio feedback while swimming; swimmers do not have to wait to get out of the pool to view their results.
ai??? Extremely user-friendly and lightweight as users can wear it on the back of their head.
ai??? Records and provides real-time feedback via an earplug.
ai??? Enables swimmers to analyze results and share with professional coaches and friends.
ai??? Easily paired with mobile devices and personal computer.
ai??? Swimmers can program training and sync it with their device. Thus, swimmers can customize the app according to particular needs.

Moto 360 Sport


The Moto 360 is a more advanced version of the latest Motorola Android Wear smartwatch with built-in GPS and a running app. It boasts a single-structure silicone band and case just like its counterpart Sony Smartwatch. Additionally, it makes the world’s first new hybrid tech smart watch.
ai??? Has a unique UV coating on the wrist that helps fend off sweat.
ai??? Comes fitted with vents on the sides to keep your wrists cool during activity.
ai??? It is waterproof so you can occasionally clean it off.
ai??? Its comfy and compact nature feels sporty rather than a smart watch (weighs 54 grams, 45mm wide and 11.4mm thick).
ai??? The 1.37 inch LCD makes it easily readable due to its natural reflective technology.
ai??? The natural reflective technology also means it can be backlit in dark areas.


Garmin VivoSmart


It is the ultimate wearable fitness tracker that provides athletes with a combination of activity and smartwatch features in a single device.
ai??? Tracks your daily workouts accurately and provides feedback on your smartphone.
ai??? Compatible with third party apps such as MyFitnessPal and wireless heart-rate monitors.
ai??? It is water-resistant and allows users to tailor the tracker to their specific goals.
ai??? Has an LCD touchscreen that enables users to read in the dark.
ai??? Tracks all your steps, sleep, heart rate as well as flights of stairs climbed.
ai??? Keeps tabs on the amount of time you are active and inactive such that prolonged inactivity fills the Move bar.
ai??? Easily syncs with music from other playing apps (apart from the wrist).
ai??? VivoSmart compares your activity against your goals thus motivating progress.


Pulse Ox


The app measures not only your heart rate but also oxygen saturation accurately; all in one device-your smartphone. Additionally, it integrates Apple Health, and the upgraded version is fitted with a two-way display. Pulse Ox is ideal for various sports enthusiasts like bikers, hikers, and mountain climbers.
ai??? The two-way display allows users to view notifications in two different directions.
ai??? It determines the user’s blood oxygen saturation levels accurately.
ai??? Fits folks of all ages from kids to adults.
ai??? Comes with a soft carrying case and neck cord.
ai??? Has a year’s warranty.

Ghost Runner Leader Board

ghost runner app

Admittedly, running is fun when you race your friends. However, the different work schedules barely allow you to enjoy this kind of fun. Ghost Runner app comes to sort this out by saving a friend’s running data so you could race them later.
How it works
The app first allows you to look for an actual run. Once you have found your favorite course, you select it, and the headphones update you on all the relevant info concerning the run e.g. splits, heart rate, and the pace. This way the user can challenge his friend to a similar race and view where they rank against you via the Leaderboard.

Microsoft Band


It is more of a health and fitness band that enables users to achieve their fitness goals. Microsoft Band keeps track of calorie burn, heart rate, sleep quality and exercise.
ai??? It is compatible with Android, iPhone, and Windows Phone devices.
ai??? Users can stay in touch via texts, email, and calendar alerts; all delivered to your wrist.
ai??? Comes with built-in heart rate monitor that keeps tabs on all your activities, sleep quality and rest periods 24/7.
ai??? Users can customize their fitness goals whether golfing, running or biking.
ai??? It is waterproof and comes fitted with GPS as well as guided workouts (challenging).
ai??? Motivates users to reach their training goals by getting practical insight via Microsoft Health.


Jabra Sport Coach


It is the newest sports wireless ear buds from Jabra. And the good news is it has an incredibly low price though it does not feature a heart rate monitor. These new in-ears only provide more accurate training measurement for motion. Jabra Sports Coach primarily helps users cross train in the gym.
ai??? The wireless earbuds provide ecstatic Bluetooth audio performance with rich bass.
ai??? The built-in movement sensors analyze the pace; distance, calories burned, steps and cadence.
ai??? Easily works with the free Jabra Sports Life app.
ai??? Quickly integrates with third party apps.
ai??? Users can playback music.
ai??? The Sports button launches the app automatically on the connected gadget.