Best Sleep Trackers and Sleep Tech of 2016

Looking for technology that will help you track your sleeping patterns? Check out these different types and let us know which one you think will help you needs the most and why.

Bella Beat


Bella Beat is the perfect and most efficient tool to get control of your body, soul and mind. Itai??i??s a smart little gizmo that is designed to provide you with the ability to keep track of your activity, health, sleep and other critical body functions. Designed like a wearable jewelry, this little gadget would help you assess the quality of your sleep and when paired with its app would also provide you with recommendations to improve the quality of your sleep and provide you with an energized start every day.


Fitbit Charge HR

fibit charge

Make every step count towards a better and fitter lifestyle. Fitbit is one of the biggest seller of wearable technologies across the world. The slim, lightweight and amazingly designed Fitbit Charger HR easily fits on your wrist and provides you amazing tracking capabilities while helping you make a style statement. This Gizmo continuously monitors your sleep cycle, calories burned and other important parameters to provide you with a complete insight into your daily life. Forget the poor quality of sleep with Fitbit Charge HR, its amazing technology and features such as Auto syncing, calorie counter and heartbeat tracker would keep a close eye on you while enjoying a fruitful good night sleep.




Kokoon is the worldai??i??s first and only sleep assistant headphones. Kokoon is designed to help you sleep faster and easier with its patented one of a kind technology. The amazing range of natural and relaxing sounds work smartly to help you relax and hit the perfect sleeping mode when you lay down on your bed. Disturbed by different sounds or your neighbors are too loud simply pop on Kokoon and enjoy the perfect blissful sleep.

Withings Aura


A smart tool designed to improve as well as analyze your quality of sleep. Withings Aura utilizes an amazing combination of sound and light to help you drift into a blissful and fruitful sleep. The smart waking system analyzes the quality of your sleep throughout the night and wakes you up at optimized times to ensure that you get a perfect night filled with dreams and comfort. Uses a highly competitive and interactive sleep tracking system on your smartphone. A perfect companion to have a truly enjoyable fulfilling sleep.


Beddit Smart 2.0

Beddit Smart 2.0

A truly revolutionary sleep tracking and improving system designed to help not just a single individual but your entire family. This amazing device keeps a close eye on your sleep without having the need to wear any kind of gizmo or device. This automated system completely functions on its own while you relax. The smart clock in Beddit Smart ensures that you wake up the perfect time to feel energized and ready to tackle the day. Beddit Smart 2.0 also provides you very effective tips and guidelines to improve your sleep.



sense hello

Sense is a smart little device by hello designed to truly improve your sleep. Sense automatically monitors all the essential in your body and environment to determine how different sounds, atmosphere, temperature and things affect your sleep. The smart alarm helps you wake on time without feeling groggy or sleepy. The smart app accompanied with Sense provides you with instant feedback about your sleeping cycle. All you need to do is equip sense and it would take care of the rest.


Jawbone UP3

jawbone up2

Jawbone UP3 is a perfect health partner for you. It constantly monitors your heart rate and provides personalized tips and recommendations to help improve you general health and attain a higher level of fitness. Struggling to sleep, you donai??i??t have to struggle anymore the revolutionary sleep tracking and assistance system is constantly on alert to help you sleep, analyze the quality of your sleep or simply wake you up the perfect moment when you are in the lightest part of your sleep. Easily syncs with your favorite smartphone and provides you with an extended battery life of about 6 days.


Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock

Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock

Are one of the many individuals who struggles to wake up in the morning then sleep cycle alarm clock is the perfect solution for you. The advanced sleeping mechanism of this device keeps a close eye on your sleep. It has the capability to monitor different cycles of your sleep and ensures that you wake at the right time without feeling groggy or sleepy. The waking phase initiates 30 mins before your desired time and wakes you slowly and peacefully. Amazing design and non-intrusive interface and functionality make it a perfect companion to assist you in your sleep.



Designed to provide you with real sleeping assistance, the SleepRate tracks your heartbeat, breathing, and other critical vitals to provide you with a detailed analysis of your sleep and sleep pattern. The collected data is then used to provide you with personalized recommendations in order to improve your sleep. It also keeps track of your surroundings in order to provide you with info about how your environment can be improved to help you sleep. The smart clock in SleepRate uses advanced technology to wake you at the perfect moment where you feel completely rested and ready to go.

aXbo Couple


Axbo Couple is a highly advanced alarm clock and sleep tracker. This little gizmo is designed to perfection in order to help you get a perfect sleep and waking routine. The natural sounds wake you up gently in the lightest part of your sleep in order to ensure that you are alert and ready to go when you wake up. A simple wristband that you wear on your wrist collects all the vital information needed to keep a close eye on your health and sleeping cycle. This date is then analyzed to provide you with vital knowledge that would help you in improving your sleep.


Misfit Shine


Misfit is designed to be used by the people who like to be on the go. The amazing design and durability makes it water resistant and provides you with a non-intrusive sleep and activity tracker. It tracks your activities throughout the day and provides you with a detailed analysis of calories burned, steps taken and other useful information. But the biggest advantage of owning a misfit shine comes in the form of the highly intelligent sleep assistance system, it tracks different cycles of your sleep. The 6-hour long battery back-up lasts for about 6 months without needing a charge.




Neuro-On uses a combination of smart technology and design to provide you with a perfect sleeping assistant. A product that is designed to perfection. The natural sounds and light mode help you fall asleep quickly and also assists you in improving the quality of sleep. Enjoy the sensation of waking up at the perfect time rather than suffer through bone-jarring sounds of a traditional alarm clock.



Luciding is a perfect epitome of the modern sleep assistance technology. This amazing device helps you achieve quality sleep while providing you with the ability to have lucid dreams. Enhance the power of your brain with this little wearable gizmo in order to get an insight into your dreams and sleeping cycle. Beautiful design and highly effective sleeping assistant make it the right bang for your buck.

Microsoft Band


Get the ultimate fitness trainer in the form of Microsoft Band. This amazing wearable band is designed to track every step you take throughout the day. Provides you with a detailed analysis of your activities and combined with the smart app also assists you in improving your overall fitness. Looking for a perfect sleep tracking and assistance system, then Microsoft band is the right choice for you. Backed by the quality and standards of Microsoft, you are guaranteed to have a great experience.




Actigraph is the most advanced activity and sleep tracking system. A minimalistic and non-intrusive designed make it a perfect option for tracking your health throughout the day. The sleep phase analysis and real data comparison provide you with an opportunity to improve your sleep and get a healthier body and rested mind. Highly accurate and quality monitoring technology makes it one of the best devices available on the market.

Fatigue Science RediBand

Fatigue Science Readiband

Rediband is a sleep monitoring device that was originally developed with the intention of military use, since then it has been redesigned and developed to create a perfect sleeping companion for regular individuals as well as athletes. This amazing gizmo is the most accurate sleep tracking device currently available in the market. Durability and beautiful design help you reach your fitness and sleep goals in style. No need to go through complex setups just wear it on your wrist and enjoy the amazing power of RediBand.

FraSen Inc. Sleep Mask


Sleep Mask uses advanced technology and science backed research in order to help you improve the quality of your sleep. The brainwave sensors and Sleep sense technology combine together to provide you with most comprehensive and objective analysis of your sleep. Sleep Mask does not drown you in date but provides you with highly effective and useful results to ensure that you get better sleep. Natural sounds and lighting effects help you fall in a peaceful slumber quickly.


sleep image

The first step towards getting a healthier lifestyle is not to sleep long or take more naps it lies in improving the quality of the sleep. This amazing device not only measures how long you have slept or provide you with the meaningless date about your heart rate. It actually helps you in improving your sleep. Get clear insight in your sleeping hours and follow highly personalized tips to get a more fulfilling sleep.

Garmin VivoSmart

garmin vivosmart

Meet the wearable that would motivate you to move a bit more each day. The amazingly crafted wearable Garmin Vivosmart provides you with all the fitness and sleeping assistance that you can think of. Amazing designed and highly advanced technology provide you the detailed analysis of your activity and sleeping cycle. Combine it with the smart app to get personalized recommendations and behavioral changes that would help you in getting a perfect sleep and attain a healthier and more active lifestyle.


Pulse Ox


Bored of traditional wearables that bog your mind down with the meaningless date but donai??i??t provide you with any actual results, then itai??i??s time to try Pulse Ox. It tracks your activity, oxygen level and quality of sleep. A great device for caregivers, patients or regular individuals looking to improve their sleep or overall fitness level. Wireless syncing ability and non-intrusive designed lets you push harder without any disturbances.

Live Comfy


Live Comfy is a fitness tracker designed to help you get the quality rest throughout the night. The amazing device tracks all your activities and provides you with great recommendations in order to improve your lifestyle. A style-driven design that stands far above all other clunky and intrusive designs. Great battery life and highly accurate tracking system make it a great choice for fitness seekers.