Best Wearable Tech for Athletes in 2016

We are all athletes in one way or another. Professional athletes have a team of people around them always tracking their progress. But guys, this is 2016 and no one needs a team of people to track what can be done with a simple electronic device. Here is a list of products that work well

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Best Kids Wearable GPS Tracking Devices of 2016

Kids keep losing important devices that provide constant contact and advice plus monitoring such as smartphones. Either that or they get easily damaged while playing. That is why there is an influx of a variety of wearable in the children’s market. Kids wearables are not limited to contact and monitoring and some also feature game

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Best Gimbal Camera Stabilizers of 2016

Sick of looking at shaky videos because you don’t have the technology or steady hand to pull it off? That’s where Gimballs come in. Check out the top camera stabilizers of 2016 and get ready to blow your mind on camera and selfie quality.

Best Golf Technology of 2016

The explosion in personal technology has made almost everything personal. And golf has also followed this trend with other self-teaching and self-fitting sensors linked to apps being invented. Personal launch gadgets are on their way too. The innovations allow golfers to analyze their moves and the make necessary adjustments at their time and pace.

Best Virtual Reality Headsets of 2016

Virtual Reality isn’t just a distant wish any more. Everyday there are huge brands coming out with their latest take on this ever growing niche. Whether you just want to experience a world that is too difficult to physically travel thereAi??or want the latest option in high def gaming,Ai??this is a list of all the

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Best Home Monitoring Systems of 2016

Every time you leave your home, you ensure that the doors are locked, windows closed, electronics and lights switched off in the hope of finding everything in place when you get back. However, intruders may have an eye on your house waiting for the appropriate time to strike leaving you feeling insecure and vulnerable.

Best Electronics for Pregnancies of 2016

Looking for a great gift for your pregnant or soon to be pregnant friend? Check out one of these awesome gifts that utilizes modern technology to give your soon to be mom an ease of mind.